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October 10, 2017 — by Mildred Ryan

In the fascinating city of Cape Town, South Africa, tourists will find, or a thriving whole world of arts and entertainment, a cultural heritage that is rich with historical importance. Because of its scenic beauty and history-imbued landmarks, travelers make Cape Town a principle destination. In fact, the location is among the most popular places to get in most of Africa, drawing in of a million and a half tourists each and every year in which to stay the harder than 60,000 beds of the company’s hotels, to see such sights as Table Mountain, and also to take in the architecture of these buildings because Castle of Good Hope, the oldest structure in every one of South Africa.

This quiet landscape features fields of vineyards nestled between endless mountain ranges. Top attractions are the sophisticated trade of wine making where locals study and create a few of the world’s most loved wines which are famous around the world. The region is dotted with original Cape farmhouses, fully restored each having its own distinct European influence.

Chapman’s Peak Drive: This dramatic road winds down the shoulders of the Cape Peninsula from Hout Bay to Noordhoek. Steep mountain slopes plunge on to the ocean and the road hairpins through pristine vegetation from the blue backdrop in the ocean. Its beautiful setting and hair-raising twists and turns make it a popular position for filming both in commercials and flicks. As a toll road that is certainly regularly closed for maintenance or during bad weather conditions, it’s very straightforward to shut the road temporarily for filming.

In Cape Town it is challenging to decide a place to stay. From the most luxurious hotels to guest houses, B & B, backpacker lodges, designer villas and hostels, Cape Town accommodations include the perfect blend of the most attractive features from tourism’s perspective. Accommodation choices are not merely wide ranged but rates wise these are well with a normal visitor’s affordability range. This is one other reason why it is probably the most toured cities and regularly visited by people from all worldwide. The luxurious, well-facilitated, comfortable and hospitable environment intensifies the natural urge to visit it time and again.

Cape Town holidays are invariably filled with pleasant surprises, the other of them may be the rikki – the open mini-taxi. You’ll find them waiting when you invest in off of the train at Simon’s Town, and they’ll get you anywhere you need to go. You can even book them for excursions to nearby Boulders Beach and then there is really a colony of African penguins, and many types of the way into Cape Point. Within Simon’s Town, you will want your rikki to get you along St. George’s Street, which will be the main thoroughfare, after which towards the Simon’s Town Museum. It is housed within an eighteenth century building called the Old Residency, that has been after the home with the Governor in the East India Company. It was also used like a brothel plus a slave quarters. You can still start to see the dungeons within the basement. The exhibits add a lot of maritime artefacts, along with displays that tell the storyplot of your legendary sailor dog – a Great Dane called Just Nuisance. The museum is allegedly haunted from the ghost of an teenage girl. Your next stop may be the Heritage Museum, which tells the story from the people have been evicted from Simon’s Town. Finally there will be the South African Naval Museum, where one can begin to see the interior of the submarine. You can also climb onto a ship’s bridge that simulates rocking cruising. It’s fun, along with a sea-sickness bag is not required.